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Smoke Trap + (sploof) 500+ Uses

Smoke Trap + (sploof) 500+ Uses

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Why Smoke Trap?

  • Replaceable ECO Friendly Filters For Owner of Smoke Trap + | Stop Throwing Away Plastic. Use Our New Replaceable Zero Plastic Eco Filters To Save Money & Our Planet
  • 4 Stage HEPA + Activated Coconut Carbon Filter To Eliminate Any Sign Of Smoke & Smell
  • Built For Anyone Who Needs A Longer Lasting Personal Air Filter
  • Easy & Convenient With Fresh Cartridges By Your Side
  • Long Lasting 500+ Uses. Get The Single or The Triple Pack Of Filters For Extra Cost Savings. Only compatible with Smoke Trap +

Product Description

Smoke Trap + (sploof) Is the latest personal air filter from Smoke Trap. It features an industry-leading filter life with maximum airflow while exhaling. The 3 piece design gives you a replaceable cartridge system to save money and our new zero plastic ECO replacement filters are perfect to help save the environment. Simply blow smoke in and watch clean, odorless air come out.

4 Reasons Why Smoke Trap + Is The Ultimate Sploof

Clean Filter = Happy Filter

Our new hydrophobic pre filter screen prevents moisture & resin build up from getting into your HEPA filter. This extends the filter life and makes exhaling into the filter much smoother. Remove The Screen When Dirty/Wet To Clean It. Then Pat Dry & Place Back Inside Mouthpiece.

Zero Plastic ECO Replacement Filters

Game changer. Our Smoke Trap + Replacement Filters not only save you money, but they help save the planet. Stop throwing so much plastic away. Just get our new ECO replacement filters when you need them.

Size Matters!

Our new round shape increases the surface area of the filter which increases filter life and creates maximum air flow while exhaling. If you're someone who is tired of clogged filters. Smoke Trap + is for you.

Soft Rubber Mouthpiece

Comfortable leak-proof rubber mouthpiece for a soft & easy exhale.

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